First off, this is NOT a porno XXX website!
As we understand it, there are LOTS of xxx porn sites on the web ;)
This ain't one!

This site does contain nudity and some suggestive "party" behavior...but it is not pornographic.  We created
this site with respect for facebook nudity policies.  If you do click on any of the sections you verify that you
are 18 or over and are not offended by nudity or the 'adult' antics of people having a great time in Key West. 

Key West is an unusual little 3 by 5 mile island located 150 miles from mainland Florida connected by
one road that crosses over 41 bridges in the Florida Keys and ends up here, at the 'last resort'.  Key West
has always attracted the unique!  Pirates, preachers, world famous writers, escapees from the real world,
iconoclasts, free thinkers, great musicians and those just seeking to live peacefully have been lured by
the "live and let live" attitude of our little island.

Here in Key West we have a very unusual party in late October every year. 
It is called... 
              Fantasy Fest!
 Fantasy Fest is one GREAT BIG Party that last a couple of weeks.  The main events of the celebration are the last couple of days with a street fair on Duval Street on Friday, the Duval Street 'promenade' stroll on Saturday and the infamous Fantasy Fest parade on Saturday night.


Fantasy Fest is a costume party.  Costumes can be almost anything.
Body painting is HUGE!.  Some of the most beautiful women you can imagine
get naked and body painted in public.  The creators of this site are 25 and
30 year 'locals' who have experienced the party for decades.  (One of our staff went to the very first Fantasy 1979!)  We call it...

 Body painting at Fantasy Fest is about BOOBIES.  Yep, female breasts!  Of course people get their full body painted.  Some are quite extravagant and beautiful works of art.  Most female revelers who do get painted just
 get their upper  body or breasts painted...or wear pasties or whatever.

Body painting at Fantasy Fest is a celebration of BOOBIES!  
(God Bless Key West!!!!!)
Europeans don't understand America's fascination with female breasts.  Topless and nude beaches abound in Europe, the Caribbean, South America and other areas...but they can be boring!  Most
 men feel like they aren't supposed to stare.  All men look but try to be cool about the nudity.
After a while, the naked people all start to look normal.  Boring!


  Most women who chose to get painted have their breasts painted first and foremost...and they WANT people to stare.  You can even take photos. (Always ask first.)  Where else on earth can you see hundreds
 of bare, or almost bare, women who are so confident and comfortable with their bodies?

  The thing that amazes us the most is that so many 'older' people get naked and painted.  Now, it is one thing to see a 25 year old 'hard body' getting
 naked in public.  Seeing a 65 or 70 year old (or older) gal with some extra
 'baggage' getting naked and painted, however, is... 
(It can give a whole new meaning to "Let It All Hang Out")

 So, why did we create this site?
We love Facebook.  We were creating our Facebook fan page about how we are amazed when 'senior citizens' and other 'Geezers' come to Fantasy Fest and get naked in public!  We then remembered that Facebook does not allow full nudity.  We understand and agree with that policy.  Facebook is used by many young people and kids.  Facebook does not allow showing full nudity, bare female nipples, phallic symbols or sexually suggestive behavior.    While we agree with the policy...
 that pretty much kills showing the best Fantasy Fest body painting images on Facebook!
So, we made this site,

We don't mean to be disrespectful or mean spirited with the word 'geezers'.  We interviewed a group of lovely young women on Duval Street during last year's Fantasy Fest.  They were students at the University of Florida and it was their first time here for the big 'party'.  They were all gorgeous and mostly naked except for thongs and a light coat of body paint.  They said that they were having a great time but asked me if there were always so many 'geezers' flashing and getting body painted.  We asked them what age constitutes a 'geezer' and were told...
anyone over 40!
One said that she had been photographed 'flashing' for a website called 'Girls
Gone Wild' during spring break in Daytona Beach.  She said that Fantasy Fest
looked like 'Geezers Gone Wild'!  (Thanks for the name, girls.)

The next pages contain literally hundreds of incredible images of happy, confident women baring it all, or most of it anyway, to the world!  Remember that every photo you will see was taken in public on the street or in the
 public bars in Key West, most of them in broad daylight!

You might wonder how the people in the photos might feel about having their image posted on the world wide web.  The law states that any image taken in public becomes "public domain" and can be displayed.  I wouldn't be concerned for them.  I mean, really, if a woman walks down a public street with her tits exposed and painted like a couple of fried eggs, especially if they stop and pose for photos, they can pretty much expect those photos to go on line.  If a woman 'flashes' her bare breasts in front of a crowd that all have cameras, she can expect to see the photos in other
 venues as well.  We believe that most of them are quite proud of the images.  We are!

Many of the images are original from 25 years of attending Fantasy Fest.  Others are from private collections.  Some were gathered from other sources including on line postings.

This site is all in fun and we aren't charging anything to view it so we hope that everyone will just enjoy the photographic trip to Fantasy Fest!

The first few pages contain images of older girls mixed with some middle aged girls and even some a little younger.  The next pages are younger girls just to show that not all our body painted angels are 'geezers.'

The last pages are of 'flashers' who bare their puppies with no paint or cover at all.  Many of them flash their breasts for beads!  (We have always wondered what would happen back home if some guy asked the same woman
 to show them their breasts for 40 cents, the price of cheap beads.  We'll bet that they would call the cops or report it as sexual harassment!)
Again, God bless Key West!!!!


Fantasy Fest is truly an absolutely unique and extremely fun event.  Some of the photos and stories about the celebration may make people feel that 'anything goes' at Key West as Fantasy Fest.  Before you book your trip down for the party, you need to understand that although Key West is a very tolerant city, full public nudity is not legal, even at Fantasy Fest.  Every year, the city authorities announce that the anti-nudity laws will be enfored.

The cops and other law enforcement elements are instructed to 'police' the streets and stop this sinful display of public nudity.  When dozens of people get naked and body painted, there is just no way to enforce this rule.  This is mostly just a show to placate some of our citizens who just don't like Fantasy Fest.  Most of the cops and deputies are nice people and know that the party can't be stopped.  They try to look the other way.  Don't antagonize them.  If they ask you to cover up, 
do it, smile and say thanks!  (You can fix it later.)

There are always some assholes in every group, though, and some cops and enforcement people can be jerks.  Our sincere advice is not to argue with any of them or 'protest your rights' while you
 are half drunk and half naked!  Be nice and be respectful and you will be better off.

Please remember that there are over 25,000 people who live in Key West year round.  We have families, schools, churches and regular lives.  Some citizens don't like Fantasy Fest and that is their right.  Please respect the thousands of citizens who don't partake in the bacchanalia.  If you are going to flaunt it, stay in the 'party zone', a designated area of lower Duval and side streets.  (One lady I met as she and her group were leaving town said that she was treated disrespectfully by a cop just because she had her tits painted.  I asked her where she was at the time.  
She said she was in Walgreens!  Well, DUH!)

Other than that, come on down and have a great time!
Key West is so much more than just Fantasy Fest.  We have a pretty good
time all year long!  Great fishing and water sports, great accommodations, great restaurants, great galleries and displays and the famous laid back attitude of Key West and the Florida Keys.  Check out the link below:

We are currently preparing to publish over 3000 original, never
before seen Fantasy Fest photos.  Please email us if you would like us
to let you know when the images hit the site.  Also, if you have Fantasy
Fest photos you would like to see published here, let us know!

Now that you have seen all of these beautiful breasts, wouldn't it be a perfect time to donate to breast cancer research?  (We do NOT profit
in any way if you decide to donate, we just think the timing is good!)